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2019 SEO Trends & Tactics: A Digital Marketing Expert’s Guide

February 15, 2019 | Team DMB

Staying at the forefront when it comes to digital marketing and SEO trends and tactics is no easy task nowadays. With new and innovative software and internet applications emerging almost daily, getting a handle on your white label seo company strategy is one of the ways you can make your company an industry leader.

Having a few tips at your disposal can help you gain an edge, increasing brand visibility and leads. Here are some of this year’s most exciting emerging trends that are reshaping the digital marketing landscape.

Create Long & In-Depth Content

Gone are the days when posting a simple, 250 or 300-word blog about your services was enough to attract web attention. These days, customers want originality and in-depth organic content. You want your customers to spend as much time on your site as possible, so make sure it’s stocked with engaging and original long-form content.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Including artificial intelligence applications on your site or mobile application is a great way to boost your SEO presence. AI is one of this year’s hottest emerging SEO trends, so try to take advantage of it before your competitors. Even something as simple as adding a chatbot or virtual assistant to your site can help increase leads and click-through rates.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to SEO and marketing techniques, less is almost always more. This is especially true of the appearance of your website. Clients who visit you online should never be bombarded by blocks of text that are difficult to read or images that make the site seem too busy. Having a streamlined site with a more organic design (curved lines) can provide a seamless and pleasing user experience.

Blockchain for SEO

One of today’s latest and greatest advances, blockchain technology is being used to make the internet more secure and many also believe it can be used for SEO purposes. Although still in its infancy, many are experimenting with using it for a variety of things, such as validating backlinks. So, don’t be surprised if at some point in 2019, blockchain for white lable SEO audit emerges as the newest trend.

Video Optimization

Another emerging SEO trend for 2019 is video optimization. You may not be aware, but there are actually algorithms that can transcribe voice and text from videos online, meaning that they’re influential tools for SEO and organic content marketing purposes. So be sure all of the text and voice in your videos is optimized accordingly.

Voice Search

One of the top emerging SEO trends this year is voice search and optimization. This is a relatively new technology, at least as far as voice search SEO is concerned, meaning there’s a lot of room for growth. Many are saying that by 2020, nearly half of all traffic online will come from voice searches, so optimizing your content for voice ASAP is a good idea.

Influencer Marketing

Connecting with audiences is much easier with a trusted industry expert or influencer at your disposal, which is why many companies are now adding influencer marketing strategies to their SEO and content campaigns. Having an influencer on your team can help you hone in on target audience members who you might not have previously been able to reach, in addition to building brand visibility and boosting your online reputation.

Mobile-First Indexing

What mobile-first indexing essentially means is that Google will use the mobile version of your site first for search rankings, so it’s important to have a flawless design across platforms. It doesn’t mean only your mobile index will be used, but it will be looked at first by Google, so optimize all of your organic content before your site’s migrated to the mobile-first platform.

Using Your Brand for SEO Ranking

Although Google uses text and descriptions to determine SEO rankings, that’s not all they use. Often, a highly-visible brand can also help boost rankings. This is because search engines can determine when your brand is an entity, as well as an authority in your industry. Brand mentions also affect rankings due to the context surrounding your brand, which will ultimately paint a positive or negative picture of audience sentiment.

Amazon Search

Google will certainly remain at the forefront when it comes to SEO, but don’t neglect Amazon Search either. This is because recent research shows that many online shoppers are going straight to Amazon for good and services. This means that you could be missing out on potential clients if you don’t include Amazon optimization in your SEO strategy.

Data Collection Updates

Although not directly related to SEO, the way your customers’ data is collected and stored certainly impacts your ability for planning future SEO campaigns. Recently, due to General Data Protection Regulation laws passed by the European Union, Google tweaked its analytics. Now, all personal user data is set to expire 26 months after it’s collected. This includes demographic and affinity data.

However, there is an option enabling you to set your own period or prevent the data from expiring automatically.

Keeping up with SEO trends for 2019 will increase growth and stability

Part of remaining on the cutting-edge, regardless of what industry you’re in, is weathering and adapting to change. Many of the SEO trends and marketing solutions mentioned above were designed to make our lives easier and help connect us better to our desired target audience.

Wielding the tools above and using them in new, imaginative ways will help increase your customer base, improve leads and sales, and perhaps also enable you to set some new digital marketing trends of your own.

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