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Google, Twitter, & Instagram Update Us on Some Important Digital News

February 11, 2021 | admin
Google, Twitter, & Instagram Update Us on Some Important Digital News

There were some big things to update from the digital marketing world this week. From Google local business information to Instagram and Twitter announcements, here are three things you need to know that can help improve your online campaigns.

Google My Business – Years in Business Update

With the increased interest in local business (due to the pandemic) more and more people have turned to search engines to find the best local businesses and restaurants. Google, as always, is constantly improving and updating its services to better meet our needs, and they have recently announced a new feature that will allow users to see how many years a business has been open for.

Inserted into the business name and other local details, users will now also be able to see the number of years a business has been around for. In order for businesses to take advantage of this new feature, they will need to enter an opening date in their Google My Business profiles. While this has been in testing since late last year, it is now officially here, and businesses should do their best to utilize this latest feature.

Recover Your Deleted Folders on Instagram

So, if you’re an avid Instagram social media user, chances are you’ve accidentally deleted important stories or posts on the app at some point (hackers have also been known to delete posts). Up until this point, it was gone forever from your profile, with no way to retrieve it. Well, we have some great news, Instagram users will be able to rescue deleted posts, Reels, and stories for up to 30 days.

One of the big reasons Instagram has decided to release this update is due to hackers deleting posts. Furthermore, there will be an added security feature that will require verification to ensure that the user is deleting this post – as opposed to a hacker, white label link building, etc. This will be welcome news for Instagram users, and anytime security is updated for social media apps, it’s generally a great step.

Twitter Addresses Apple’s Upcoming IDFA Update

With Apple’s new IDFA update on the horizon (which deals with user tracking), many have been wondering what this all means for the future of data tracking. Twitter announced that while this won’t have any bearing on their current advertisers, those who will be installing the app, need to ensure that SKAdNetwork is properly set up.

It is suspected that most users will not want to be tracked and will opt out, so ad campaigns and data may be heavily impacted by this new update.

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