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How to Find Your True Local Competitors

June 20, 2019 | Team DMB
How to Find Your True Local Competitors

Nowadays, it takes more than an eye-catching website and innovative brand to attract clients, especially at the local level. Such things are great but unless you have a clear idea of your competition and target audience, they won’t provide all of the returns you should be getting. This is where competitive audits can help you gain an advantage, enabling you to understand your competition and what works.

Why Are Competitive Audits Necessary?

 Any white label SEO service will tell you that a great targeted marketing campaign is based upon comprehensive industry research. This includes taking a look at what some of your top competitors or doing and emulating their tactics or improving upon them. Homing in on the strategy of local competitors helps you identify what you can do to boost local traffic and brand visibility.

Tips for Finding Local Competitors

Research Local Pack Rankings: One of the best ways to identify your competition in the neighborhood is to perform a bit of research as to what comes up in your local Google pack. Performing a simple search will provide you with some insight into who is at the top of the packs in Google.

Perform Keyword Research: After getting an idea of some of your competitors, performing research is the next step. Come up with a few industry-related keywords and have your clients make some suggestions, then conduct searches from your client’s business and document the top three competitors you see for each search you’ve conducted.

Measure the Results: Now it’s time to perform a few searches with Google Directions. Type your client’s address as the starting point and that of their first competitor, then log the distance. Do so for every pack you’ve researched. Afterward, write down the greatest distance Google comes up with for each pack.

Rate Strongest Competitors: After performing all of the research above, you’ll now be able to determine who are your client’s top local competitors. Add their names into a spreadsheet that also records their distance, as well as the number of times they appear across all seven Google packs.

Let DMB provide you with in-depth local SEO insight

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