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How White Label PPC for Agencies Offers Immense Returns

April 15, 2021 | Team DMB
How White Label PPC for Agencies Offers Immense Returns

When it comes right down to it, everyone’s concerned about the bottom line, whether it be your marketing agency, the clients you serve, or even the guy next door. Small businesses that employ growing digital marketing firms want results, which is why many choose to invest in white label PPC for agencies to keep ahead of the game.

By outsourcing your PPC services to clients, you can have a team of experts at your disposal to create organized and targeted white-label campaigns designed to generate measurable results. This is great news for any growing firm that wants to give a comprehensive white label digital marketing agency to their client, in addition to helping them garner the best return on investment (ROI).

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some other reasons why agencies choose to hire a white-label PPC firm and what the advantages are.

What Exactly Are White-Label PPC Services?

Before jumping into the nuts and bolts of white-label PPC for agencies, you might first be wondering what sets white-label services apart from traditional PPC solutions. The simplest explanation is that a white-label PPC company provides business-to-business solutions that you can basically rebrand and offer to clients as your own.

Often, white-label firms will offer a range of pay-per-click solutions, anything from campaign creation solutions, to reports, analytics, and even consulting services: pretty much anything having to do with PPC in one way, shape or form. You can provide all of these services to your client through a white-label PPC company.

Why Choose White-Label Over Traditional PPC Services?

There are a variety of reasons why growing agencies choose to invest in white-label PPC solutions rather than attempting to handle everything in-house. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ones:

  • Saves Agencies Time: Even a well-established agency will have time constraints. Running a dedicated PPC or search engine marketing campaign is time-consuming, especially if your team is also responsible for other digital marketing solutions. That’s why many will hire external white-label firms to help them free up time to focus on other deliverables.
  • Affordable Expertise: When you’re a growing marketing agency, even the slightest mistake can cost you time and money, not to mention the cost of hiring and training new team members for PPC services. However, outsourcing PPC tasks will ensure all of your clients have a dedicated expert working for them on your behalf.

Benefits of White-Label PPC for Agencies

When you let digital and content marketing experts take the helm, the benefits for you and your clients can be exponential. Below you’ll find some of the more attractive advantages when your agency hires a white-label PPC professional:

  • Tracking Metrics & Data Collection

Not every business owner is a whiz when it comes to tracking ROI or clickthrough rates, which is where targeted PPC services can be a huge help. Clients will also be able to receive extensive data for future campaigns, everything from analyzing customer calls for keywords to the success of geolocations and voice search capabilities. Such things provide the data businesses need to implement strategies for future growth.

  • Targeted Campaigns & Geo-Fencing

An experienced search engine marketing agency can provide your clients with a local edge by targeting nearby customers and past ones, in addition to their competitor’s customers. By using geolocation and programmatic ad technology, the white-label PPC agency you employ will give your clients the upper hand.

  • ROI Reports

Another benefit of a reliable white-label search engine marketing firm is that they’ll be able to give you detailed reports that you can provide to your clients that demonstrate the value of your services. Don’t forget that the PPC returns generated by your white-label firm can be rebranded and passed off to clients as your own. You can demonstrate you’ve improved clickthrough rates, phone calls, and store visits, all tangible results.

Tactics White-Label PPC Use to Generate Big Returns for Agencies

Some of the tactics your white-label provider might use to generate big returns for your clients will often include things like:

  • A Customized & Optimized Mobile Landing Page
  • A Google Adwords Campaign with Programmatic Bidding
  • Relevant Review & Location Ad Extensions
  • Programmatic Display Ads with Geo-Fencing & Conversion Zones
  • Supplement Facebook Ad Campaigns

Other Advantageous White-Label Services

 A successful targeted marketing campaign often requires quite a few different components working in tandem to generate the best possible results. That’s why many agencies also invest in other white-label services to garner the most returns. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

White-Label Social Media Marketing: These types of services can be anything from posting unique content to interacting with clients and influencers online. For those that don’t have the time or resources to manage their daily online interactions and promote their brand, white-label SMM is ideal.

Website Development: Another way to attract new customers for your clients is to ensure they have an easy-to-use and eye-catching website. Managing a web design team in-house can expend a lot of resources, it also often takes time working with clients and honing their vision to create the ideal webpage. So why not invest in an outside firm to handle such work?

Content Development: Having unique, optimized content that contains the right industry keywords is the best way to generate organic web traffic. Whether you want to help your clients revamp their static web pages or create weekly blogs based on innovative topics, white-label content marketing services and white label SEO services make it much easier for your agency.

 For more innovative white-label search engine marketing solutions, contact the team from Digital Marketing Blueprint today to learn more. We offer a range of comprehensive services for companies and agencies of every shape and size.

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