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Impress Your Clients with these White Label PPC Statistics

April 1, 2021 | Team DMB
Impress Your Clients with these White Label PPC Statistics

Do you run a digital marketing firm that offers white label PPC for agencies? If so, then you probably also know that agencies love results and proven methods for attracting new clientele. That’s why being armed with some specifics can help, especially when it comes to developing a new marketing plan with clients.

Having some statistics handy is one way to build confidence with clients, in addition to sounding out the best white label PPC practices to generate results. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent PPC statistics.

General PPC Marketing Statistics

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and growing, so it’s often useful to take a step back at times and gather some more general statistics to show clients that are considering using your white label PPC services. Here are some of the highlights from last year, and this year so far.

  • According to recent studies, approximately 86% of consumers in the United States used the internet to search for local goods and services, making targeted PPC a big moneymaker for some agencies.
  • A recent ads study performed by Google found that from 2018-19, the number of web-friendly devices with ad-blockers rose from 142-615 million. This means innovative PPC ads are a must for those who want maximum reach.
  • According to Google, nearly 82% of smartphone users are actively searching for businesses in their area, meaning PPC plans targeted for mobile and voice search with geolocation keywords can really pay off.

PPC Platform Statistics

Creating an eye-catching and informative ad is of little use if you don’t get it in front of the right people. To ensure the maximum reach and that you get the most out of your investment, here are some solid PPC platform statistics to make note of.

  • The top PPC search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • According to a recent study, 60% of websites are abandoned if their mobile site takes more than a few seconds to load. This means that you need to make sure that your PPC ads are posted on sites that have been optimized for mobile.
  • Websites like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are still great places to post PPC ads and receive fast and measurable results.
  • The average clickthrough rate last year on all of Google’s ads was approximately 3.17 seconds across all industries

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