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Mark the Summer Solstice with Some Social Media Marketing Tips & Updates

June 25, 2021 | admin
Mark the Summer Solstice with Some Social Media Marketing Tips & Updates

To mark the arrival of the summer solstice, we want to make sure your social media marketing is on point! So, here is some news you’ll want to take advantage of, along with the chance to reach over 440 million users a month with your content.

Pinterest Wants to Hypercharge Your Social Media Marketing

Many businesses around the world are starting to enjoy looser COVID-19 restrictions, and that means more clients and a fresh start. A great way to spread the word and highlight your business is by creating a business account via Pinterest.

Not only is it free to sign up for a Pinterest business account, but you will be able to use special features that normal users cannot. Businesses can create paid ads, and access in-depth analytical information to better understand their performance, and all of your pins will include your profile picture as well as your business name. Plus, with over 440 million users a month, the social media marketing potential is truly limitless.

Google Makes YouTube Ad Creation a Breeze for Small Businesses

Google just made YouTube video ad creation a much easier process for small businesses and those that aren’t marketers or social media marketing experts. Now users can easily understand and access information like their intended audience for each ad, as well as budget and costs. Before this update, it was challenging for many since they had to use Google Ads to create ads – which wasn’t nearly as streamlined as this new process.

Head on over to YouTube to get started and take advantage of this newly-revised process.

Try Instagram’s Reels

Have you been struggling to maximize your social media marketing? Instagram’s Reels can help! Reels, which were being tested in select countries, are now available worldwide. Reels allow for 30-second video ads and let users who don’t follow you see them, so your ads can potentially have a much bigger reach.

On top of the increased audience reach, fellow Instagram users can also like, comment, and share your videos. With the right content and marketing strategy, Reels will be an invaluable feature for many,

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