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Maximize Your Budget with These PPC Bidding Tips

August 19, 2021 | Team DMB
Maximize Your Budget with These PPC Bidding Tips

When you’re providing white label PPC management, you have to perform at the top of your game.  It’s not only about helping the end user achieve their goals, but your clients are also putting their reputations in your hands.  White label PPC service providers need to know all the best strategies, and how to deploy them, or else no one wins.

Pay-per-click bidding is particularly tricky because it’s a high-risk/high-reward strategy.  A great PPC campaign can offer some of the best ROI in all of the online marketing – but a bad campaign will just be a money drain.

Here are just a few of the tricks we use to ensure our PPC campaigns are a success!

Three Top Tier Strategies for Better PPC Bidding

  • Know thy Enemy

If you know yourself and you know your competition, your marketing strategies are far more likely to pay off.  Unfortunately, this is a blind spot for far too many companies and even many service providers.  A good white label Local SEO & PPC strategy must take the competition into account.

Do research on your competition’s keyword strategies.  Find out what terms they’re targeting, and what terms their customers are searching for.  From there, you have two new avenues of opportunity.  Depending on the situation, you could potentially try to steal those keywords out from under them – or, if they’re too well-entrenched, you could deliberately target different demographics, to carve your own niche.

Neither is possible unless you’re keeping an eye on the competition.

  • Utilize Google’s Traffic Forecast Tool

There’s no reason to make PPC bids blindly.  In fact, Google provides an often-overlooked tool that will estimate your conversion rates and Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).   Just log into Adwords, then go Tools –> Keyword Planner –> Get Traffic Forecast.

This is a great way to estimate your costs and results ahead of time.  Of course, it is only a forecast, and it will never be 100% accurate.  But due to the nature of Google’s data analysis, it should only become more accurate over time.

Along the same lines…

  • Utilize Google’s Bid Simulator

That’s not the only way to estimate your results ahead of time.  The Bid Simulator tool can reveal how even relatively small changes to your bids or strategies can create significantly different outcomes.

The best thing about the Bid Simulator is that you can run simulations equivalent to weeks or months of real-world testing, without spending a dime.  You can try out different max/min bids, different targets, and different keywords.  Again, it is only a simulation, but a few hours of playing with the simulator can bring you a huge amount of useful intelligence for making your real-world bidding choices.

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