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MozCon 2021 – Why Marketers Should Think More Like Investors to Drive Content Results – Ross Simmonds

August 27, 2021 | admin
MozCon 2021 – Why Marketers Should Think More Like Investors to Drive Content Results – Ross Simmonds

In our latest MozCon recap post, we take a look at Ross Simmonds’ presentation about how to drive your content results by thinking like an investor. So, let’s take a look at his presentation mantra, “Invest more. Guess less” and how it can apply to your online content marketing and results.

Content Is One of Your Biggest Assets

Ross correctly points out that the more content you can create for your site, the more you are giving to the Google bots. This, in turn, will see your site crawled and indexed more by Google – which is a great thing! So, be sure you’re keeping up to date with frequent content creation, and that your content is high-quality and informative.

The KPI Ross mentioned you should keep an eye on during the early stage of a project is the number of indexed pages per month.

A Content Portfolio Should Be Diversified (Like an Investment Portfolio)

Ross’ main idea is that marketers need to think more like investors. So, like all good investment portfolios, your content portfolio needs to be diversified with all different types of content. Make sure that your content creation includes landing pages, blogs, interactive content, eBooks, etc.

With the help of some white label local SEO analytics and other metrics, you can design your content knowing which topics you should be focusing on. Investing in some research, as Ross explains, takes the risk out of the equation, and ensures your content is current and in demand.

Landing Pages

While some might forget, never underestimate the power a landing page can have. Obviously, your landing page needs to be properly optimized for SEO; a landing page with low-quality content won’t suffice. During his presentation, Ross outlined designing an SEO moat of templated pages, and when done correctly, the effectiveness this strategy can have.

Getting Started on Your New Content

Ross ended his amazing presentation by highlighting how to get started on driving up your content. He laid out the steps of a three-month challenge, that if followed and done properly, will have you well on your way.

  • Generating quality and in-depth resource content
  • YouTube video content
  • Twitter threads
  • Podcast tour
  • High intent and focused landing pages
  • Personalized outreach

While the entire list may not apply to all marketers or their services, there is enough on this list to keep anyone busy for the next three months. Don’t forget, high-quality, optimized, and focused content is key to your success.

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