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PPC Management Tips for a Successful Remarketing Campaign

June 28, 2022 | Team DMB
PPC Management Tips for a Successful Remarketing Campaign

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, being sure you get the most return on your investment is important. This is why during a remarketing campaign, it’s essential to think innovatively and identify the best ways to reach the most potential clients. This is where having a few PPC management tips or even enlisting the help of a white label PPC management can really pay off.

To ensure that you’re on top of your remarketing game, we’ve compiled some insightful tips for you here. So let’s take a closer look at how to make certain you’ll have the best remarketing campaign possible.

What Exactly is Remarketing?

If you’re not an internet whiz or digital marketing professional, you might not completely understand what remarketing means. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Basically, remarketing, also known as retargeting, is when you target your ad campaigns toward those who have already shown a slight interest in your products/services. Most often, remarketing campaigns are targeted toward users who have previously visited your website.

Successful remarketing campaigns employ the use of ad networks like Bing, Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords that streamline the campaign process and provide targeted services. You can figure out precisely who to target by installing a remarketing tool on your site that tracks visitors by adding a cookie to their browser. Then, in the future, the particular ad network you select will be able to identify these users based on the cookie and display an ad targeted specifically for them.

Onsite Optimization

One of the best remarketing tactics is optimizing your website for retargeting. On average, it often takes visitors at least 3-4 visits before they make up their mind to invest in your product or services. Rather than twiddle your thumbs and relax until they come back to make a conversion, you can streamline the process by optimizing your site with ads targeted directly to them.

A popular onsite retargeting tactic is to install a personalized exit popup campaign that will be triggered at the precise moment when potential customers are about to leave.

Tips for Optimizing Your AdWords Configuration

Tip 1: Choose the Optimal Frequency Cap

This strategy enables you to limit the number of times visitors see your ad on the display network you’re using. Selecting the proper cap is vital because you don’t want to be wasting ad money and targeting the wrong people. You also want to ensure your ads are subtle, rather than overwhelming and annoying so as not to push potential clients away.

Tip 2: Set Your Bidding Strategy

Be sure that when targeting visitors to your site, you’re focusing on those who’ve visited key pages such as pricing, products, and other vital landing pages. This way you’re not wasting valuable resources by targeting ads to those who likely are just popping through with no real intention of making a purchase.

Tip 3: Use Dynamic Remarketing

You can go one step further in your remarketing campaign by employing dynamic images that feature specific products previously viewed by the visitors you’re trying to target. Also known as “dynamic remarketing,” this type of tactic is most useful for those with e-commerce sites. If this means you, be sure when creating the campaign that you’re using ads that will be able to display images of your particular product from your feed.

Tip 4: Focus on Those Who Spend Time on Your Site

When it comes to retarget, you always want to focus your resources on those who spend a significant amount of time on your website. This is because the more time spent on a particular page indicates they’re seriously considering investing in one of your products or services. Always make time spent an important metric when creating a retargeting campaign.

Tip 5: Stop Targeting Those Who’ve Recently Become Customers

Once you’ve turned visitors to turn into customers through retargeting, it’s time to leave them alone and stop throwing ads their way. It’s no surprise that new customers can quickly become aggravated if they keep seeing the ad that swayed them into a sale over and over again, after the fact. You can eliminate such a scenario by employing a burn pixel to stop advertising to recently converted customers.

Tip 6: Segment Your Audience

Another great way to generate the most returns and clickthroughs is to segment your audience based on their journey through your website. If they’re on a page about product pricing info, try to give them an ad that appeals to this and create a conversion; for a page about your brand’s benefits, have an ad that gives them a bit more info on why they should choose your brand over competitors.

A Few Things Before You Go…

Before you leave and go on to create your own successful remarketing strategy and white label digital marketing agency, there are a few more important things to be aware of. Firstly, you need to update your privacy policy to communicate you’ll be collecting info from visitors. When collecting cookie information to be used in retargeting campaigns at a later date, always make sure your privacy policy reflects this.

Try Adding Something Like This Statement:

“Our firm employs remarketing codes that track users who view specific pages or take other actions on our website for future targeted advertising. If you don’t want to receive this type of advertising from us, you can opt-out using…

At the end of the privacy statement, simply link to the opt-out page of the particular cookie tracking services you’re employing on your site.

Also, be sure to set up some sort of conversion tracking software on your site to track how successful your remarketing campaign has been. However, it’s important to note that if you also want to import goals and e-commerce data analytics, Google AdWords will not track view-through-conversions.

Let DMB Help Create Your Successful Remarketing Campaign

When designing a successful retargeting campaign, it helps to have some professional insight to ensure the best ROI. For this reason, Digital Marketing Blueprint offers comprehensive white label PPC management services for a wide range of industries. Contact them today to learn more about their adaptive SEO services, content marketing solutions, social media strategies, white label link building, and more.

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