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Social Media Tips for the Holidays & Some Big Digital Marketing News

December 3, 2021 | admin
Social Media Tips for the Holidays & Some Big Digital Marketing News

With the holidays right around the corner, you’re likely thinking about what you can do to give your marketing tactics that extra push. Well, don’t worry, this week we have a few tips for you as well as some of the latest updates from industry heavyweights Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

So let’s jump right into this week’s digital marketing updates from white label digital marketing agency

Make Your Holiday Social Media Sharing Count

A few weeks ago we shared how to boost your marketing tactics with these three helpful tips. Well, this week let’s piggyback off a few of those points and help you improve your social media content for the coming holiday season. Primarily, it’s important to focus on gearing at least some of the social media content you share in the coming weeks toward the holidays. 

Incorporate your goods and services into targeted social media posts about the holiday season. Be sure not to forget to use holiday hashtags and photos to generate a buzz. This is a great way to subtly continue expanding your reach while still celebrating the holiday season. 

Instagram FAQs

Instagram is testing a new feature to give brands the option to provide sharable Q&As to clients when messaged via their feed. This means users would be provided with an option to tap for answers to some of the most common questions asked by their clients. 

Although it’s still in the early stages, Instagram FAQs is welcome news to eCommerce companies looking for ways to expand upon their services and offer easy answers to things like pricing, sizes, shipping, and more. 

Audio Ads from YouTube

These days, more people are using YouTube than ever before and not simply to watch videos but also as an audio app. That’s why now the company is launching audio-only ads for users who are listening to tunes rather than watching videos. 

Community Feeds in Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the world’s most popular platforms and its Community Feeds option, it’s another example of how Google is adapting to users’ needs and trying to make its maps app more social. 

The new feature, for both Android and iPhone devices, provides access to content related to a user’s specific geolocation, giving them a choice of activities and places that are highlighted. They’ll find everything from parks to favorite local shops, providing a great marketing tool for local businesses. 

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