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Taking Charge of Your Indexability: Areej AbuAli for MozCon 2021

September 7, 2021 | admin
Taking Charge of Your Indexability: Areej AbuAli for MozCon 2021

Did you know you can control not only how Google crawls for webpages but also how they’re indexed? This is what SEO consultant Areej AbuAli’s MozCon presentation was all about this year. That’s why the team of digital marketing experts from Digital Marketing Blueprint wanted to highlight some key takeaways here to help you boost your marketing plan.

What to Focus on & What to Avoid

According to Areej, those bulky 100-page audits are no longer a necessity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a big white label SEO agency or minor ones, prioritizing the things that will have a truly lasting impact on your site will serve you better than casting such a wide net.

For example, let’s say users are shopping for a car near where they live. They’ll be using a variety of different search features, such as color, year, model, and price. Additionally, shoppers can also contact sellers directly, get news updates on vehicles, research car history, and more. In such cases, Areej mentioned that many webmasters will either set their site up as follows:

  • They’ll index everything on their site in an effort to improve their rankings
  • They’ll avoid indexing a large portion of their site and only focus on things at the micro-level

Should You Avoid Indexing Everything?

Although it might seem like a good idea at first glance, indexing everything on your site that Google crawls and indexes for poses serious problems, like:

  • Important pages may get lost in the mix and missed
  • All your pages might not be crawled by Google
  • All your pages might not be indexed
  • Your important pages might not crawl or rank well since they were missed

To avoid such a scenario, Areej said you need to ask yourself one question: “What’s the high-level KPI that we’re being measured against?”

What to Focus On

Likely, most people will want to focus on producing organic leads and revenue, over organic rankings, and sessions. This means rather than indexing all of your pages, just focus on the ones you’re certain will drum up the most organic leads.

Although it might seem relatively easy, this needs to be done properly, because there may be a multitude of pages to focus on describing your business/services. However, by making indexed filters your primary focus, you’ll ensure that all of your key pages are properly indexed, in addition to increasing organic leads.

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