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The Week of March 5th in Digital Marketing: Google, Firefox, & LinkedIn News, & More!

March 5, 2021 | admin
The Week of March 5th in Digital Marketing: Google, Firefox, & LinkedIn News, & More!

Arguably, this might have been one of the busiest weeks yet in terms of digital marketing news. We saw some of today’s major companies like Google, Firefox, LinkedIn, and Microsoft make some major announcements. So, without wasting any time, let’s see what made this week stand out and how these updates can help you improve your white label local SEO, and online marketing campaigns. 

Google My Business News

It seems like almost every week there’s good news on the Google My Business front for marketers and this week is no exception. Now the company has added a way for users to determine the platform and device of those who’ve accessed your Google My Business page. The information will be included in the performance updates users receive. This latest tweak will provide business owners with even more insight into how they’re being found and how to capitalize on that and create more qualified leads. 

Cookie Protection for Firefox

Firefox users will be glad to learn that Mozilla has announced a new step to protect privacy and data tracking with a recent update to their cookies option via the search tab. Basically, this new update means that third-party tracking won’t be able to track your activities any longer. 

Simply click on the tab beside the URL box for this new feature to take effect. 

LinkedIn Makes it Easier for Users to Keep Content Relevant 

A few recent LinkedIn updates have made it much easier for professionals to remain relevant and update their content, as well as motivate them to do so. 

The first update will be for LinkedIn product pages and businesses will be able to collect customer data via lead generation forms, a great thing for those looking to boost their ROI through lead generation tactics

Additionally, LinkedIn has tweaked its community tab to now allow features where employees can create their very own content with help from a specialized tool. Lastly, LinkedIn stories will now have a swipe option, helping businesses and marketing teams enhance blog referral traffic. 

Microsoft Bing Makes its Site More Visually Appealing 

Microsoft’s Bing search recently announced that, in an effort to make their content more visually appealing for users, they’re going to employ more visuals to make information easier to digest. For example, if a user searches for “cats” they will be greeted with an infographic to the right that breaks down some useful info about cats like their lifespan, average weight, and more. Those looking up recipes will easily find a variety of different ones, all with clear and concise photos illustrating what they’re looking for. 

For digital marketing teams running white label PPC and other campaigns, it’s important to note that these changes could affect how your site appears in the search results. Using structured data is the best way to boost your chances that your content will be shown properly and at the top of the search. 

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