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This Week in Digital Marketing: Search Ads, Fleets, & More!

November 26, 2021 | Team DMB
This Week in Digital Marketing: Search Ads, Fleets, & More!

Last week we showcased some great tactics for digital marketing during the holiday season, this week we’re highlighting some of the industry’s biggest news. Here you’ll find some updates from today’s top search and social media companies that can help you improve your tactics and online marketing strategy, so let’s take a look…

Twitter Introduces “Fleets”

Recently, everyone’s favorite social media company, Twitter, has announced a new feature that enables users to post content that will vanish in 24-hours. The feature, known as Fleets, allows users to post everything from reactions to photos and videos, as well as unique text and background choices. To try Fleets on your own, press the share button to tweet then select “Share in a Fleet.” 

In addition to the current options, the social media provider is also testing ways for users to join in on live conversations and chats and offering unique audio features to help increase engagement on the social networking site. 

Instagram Enables Keyword Searches 

This past week, Instagram announced that it will enhance its search capabilities for users by allowing them to search for content via keywords, in addition to hashtags, location tags, and profile names. This means that Instagram will now also be able to be an SEO tool for digital marketers, which is good news for SEO experts. In the future, don’t be surprised to see optimized content for Instagram. 

Google Search Console Offers Updated Crawl Stats Report 

In an effort to offer users more insight, the world’s leading search engine Google announced it will be rolling out an updated version of its crawl stats report. The newer version makes it easier for developers and white label local seo specialists to identify issues with Google crawling. It will also highlight data over a length of time, offering daily statistics about downloaded data and response times. 

Those interested in the report can view it here

Search Ad Budgets Continue to Grow 

Although this year has been hard for many in the business sector, one niche that’s continuing to experience growth in the digital marketing sector is search ad budgets, which have increased by almost six percent. The leading reason for this is because of the rise in online marketing and e-commerce solutions as a result of the pandemic. More businesses than ever before are putting money toward digital marketing.

It’s important to note that the majority of this ad budget growth has been designated for mobile, rather than desktops. 

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