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This Week’s Digital Marketing Updates: Shopify, Twitter, & More!

February 19, 2021 | Team DMB
This Week’s Digital Marketing Updates: Shopify, Twitter, & More!

With 2021 well underway, many of the leading social media and digital marketing firms are tweaking their campaigns and services to make it easier for both users and businesses. This week, we delve into some of the latest changes from Twitter and Instagram, as well as some good news from Canada’s Shopify. 

So let’s dive right into this week’s digital marketing news and updates! 

Shopify Exceeds Expectations During Pandemic 

It’s no secret that many e-Commerce sites have experienced great returns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Canada’s Shopify is one of the leaders. The company recently released their Q4 revenue and sales report and demonstrated that they’ve gone above and beyond the competition, with revenue up by approximately 95%. In recent months, the platform experienced a surge in sales amounting to more than $5 billion…yikes! 

Although Shopify’s success is welcome news for many making the switch to more web-based commerce, there are still many businesses out there struggling while trying to adapt to the “new normal” circumstances they’re facing. Chain retailers like Thyme Maternity, JC Penny, and more have been forced to close their doors and have announced bankruptcy, as fewer consumers visit brick-and-mortar retail locations. 

However, Shopify’s success can be seen as a way for businesses to take a step in the right direction, offering more web-based sales and goods and services online. Digital marketing teams should take note and start developing more e-Commerce strategies to boost their brands. 

Twitter Revises their Data Tracking Policies 

Recently, one of today’s leading social media platforms, Twitter, has made two important updates to its data tracking policies. The move comes as an effort to assist marketing teams and make it easier for them to manage their data. When the app is installed, it’s now easier for developers to manage. This in turn provides several benefits for marketing teams, such as increasing impressions and also making it easier to increase website visits by eliminating the need for third-party cookies. This is accomplished by adding a URL tag if a user clicks on a website ad, and testing has shown it can increase visits up to ten times the previous amount. 

Instagram Takes a Hard Stance Against Cyber-Bullying 

The internet is a lot like a playground, and on every playground, there are bullies. Ok…maybe it’s not that severe, but the anonymity provided online sometimes leads to bad behavior. Instagram, like many other social medial platforms, is implementing more ways to protect users from bullying and abusiveness. Recently, Instagram announced that it’s going to fight bullying and negative behavior by adding additional rules, like ensuring that no offensive or abusive messages can be sent via direct messages. Additionally, any accounts flagged for such behavior will be immediately deactivated. 

It’s Instagram’s hope that this will create a safer environment for all and strengthen communication between users, businesses, and anyone else on the platform. 

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