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White Label SEO Experts Discuss DOs & DON’Ts for 2019

March 28, 2019 | admin
White Label SEO Experts Discuss DOs & DON’Ts for 2019

White Label SEO ExpertsStaying up to date on emerging digital marketing trends is key to developing a lasting strategy that increases your client base.

This is especially true where white label SEO best practices are concerned, as Google makes changes on an almost monthly basis to their search algorithms. As new practices and trends emerge, those that don’t remain on the cutting edge will start dropping in the rankings.

To help you remain ahead of the competition, take a look at some of the white label SEO service DOs and DON’Ts for 2019 collected below.


Use Internal Linking

The use of internal linking isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Be sure to include keywords with reliable links that are related to your content without doubling up on them. Users should never find themselves linked to the same webpage over and over again.

Evaluate Keyword Metrics

Before creating content and loading it to your site, it’s important to make sure you’re using keywords that click. Before uploading anything, always evaluate keyword metrics by referring to the keyword difficulty measurements, in addition to search volume, clicks, and return rate.

Create Precise Meta Titles & Tags

Google has strict character limits (55) when it comes to describing pages and your services, so being as precise as possible is essential. Use keywords strategically and make sure that every word you use for meta titles and tags counts. Whether you’re an e-commerce site or a boutique law firm, being descriptive about what you do and selective with keywords will help you remain competitive. Avoid irrelevant info and long-tail and superfluous keywords.

Feature Guest Posting when Possible

Having an influencer or guest featured on your page is a great way to get your brand in front of the eyes of new clientele and reach audience members you might not have reached otherwise. You can co-curate content with other sites that offer third-party referencing options. Featuring guest bloggers can also boost your reputation and offer more opportunities for interpersonal interaction with your audience and others in your industry.

Invest Heavily in Social Media

One of the easiest ways to increase your presence online is using every social media tool at your disposal. You can increase your clientele by offering unique content curated to your audiences, such as video content or interactive interviews: the possibilities are endless. Social media is one of the best free tools to improve your SEO rankings but it can also be incorporated into a more targeted approach through the use of white label PPC and other tactics.

Optimize Images for Your Site

Waiting for a page to load because of an improperly-sized image can be frustrating and nowadays, most users will immediately go somewhere else rather than wait for your site to finish loading. As such, optimizing images for your site is essential to generate new customers and keep them coming back. In addition to resizing images for mobile and the web, be sure that your marketing team is also including the proper alt and title tags for each image you host online.


Copy & Paste Content

Aside from the obvious issue of plagiarism, you should never copy and post content to your site from other sites. This is because Google analyzes every piece of data on the web and often, redundant information can be labeled as spam and tossed out of SERP findings.

Use Hidden Links or Texts

There used to be a day when more seasoned white label local seo developers exploited the loopholes search engines had in their algorithms by including hidden text and links on the page to boost rankings. However, these days that’s considered a big “no-no” both by Google, as well as seasoned white label SEO professionals. Stuffing hidden keywords and links are considered a black hat technique and can even get you banned by Google or labeled as spam at the very least.

Overdo External Linking

Linking to reputable sources is a good rule to follow to boost your organic rankings but do so sparingly. Only link to sources when it makes sense, such as when your content calls for an outside source or reference. Too much external linking will penalize your site and Google will likely either think it’s a spam or registry site, which will seriously damage your search rankings.

Only Opt for Backlinks

Constructing links to other services in your industry is an often recommended white label SEO tactic, and it certainly is beneficial, but don’t link aimlessly. What does this mean exactly? When it comes to SEO, quality over quantity is always a good rule of thumb, so try to obtain back-linking from sites with a Domain Authority ranking of 30 or above.

Stuff Catchphrases into Content

Having an inventive call to action or catchphrase can be a great way to make a name for your brand and spread awareness to new audience members. However, it’s important for SEO purposes that you don’t use the same catchphrase over and over again on your site. This is because, after a certain point, such phrases and words are no longer considered “of substance,” at least as far as Google is concerned. Google breaks down “catchphrase stuffing” as using similar words or expressions time after time or different arrangements of telephone numbers or addresses that are insignificant to your site.

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