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Citations take on an enormous amount of importance when it comes to local ranking power. This is because while some businesses treat them as simple profiles, they actually hold Names, Addresses and Phone numbers (NAP) that cumulatively influence your rankings in powerful ways. To put it simply, when used correctly, citations can get you top rankings in Google’s coveted local pack listings.

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    White Label Citation Audit Services

    NAP Listing Accuracy

    If your name, address or phone number is incorrect or not up to date, you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to compete against your own listings. Prospective customers may actually be sent to competitors or to wrong numbers and locations. Take into account that we function in a crowded marketplace, and think about whether someone will go through the trouble of hunting down the right information when an alternative presents itself. This is why a comprehensive citation audit makes such good business sense and a wise investment.

    Our Manual Citation Audit Includes:

    * Manual confirmation of Input Data
    * Manual searches for correct and incorrect citations
    * Automated Citation Search
    * NAP variation search
    * All Incorrect Citations revealed
    * Organic local rankings for your top 3 competitors

    Our Citation Audit Process

    NAP Variations
    We start by using manual as well as automatic searches to locate all existing previous and current variations of your Name, Address and Phone number, which are then thoroughly reviewed.

    Correct Citations
    We provide a sourced list of places that display your correct citations, which helps us inform you of what you are doing right. This is also useful for you to keep track of how and where you rank.

    Incorrect Citations
    This is the important part, because it shows what isn't going well. We track and list all bad citations, and you can then fix them at your discretion even if you don't want us to.

    Our Citation Audit Process

    Aggregator Checks
    A lot of businesses pay aggregators to spread citations around. The downside of this practice is that bad citations submitted to a lot of directories can usually be traced to these aggregators.

    Data Aggregators Citations
    We aggregate your citations in one place, allowing you to check as well as update any of your information by simply logging in.

    Digital Delivery and Reports
    We finish with a custom report listing the good citations as well as ones that have errors in them. We send you a spreadsheet that explains what you need to fix in order to give your local rankings a boost.

    We offer comprehensive and reliable services of white label SEO. You can contact us at 800-430-0499.