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As a business owner or an agency trying to rank your client’s website, the words ‘competitive intelligence’ can make a world of difference to your Search Engine Results Page ranking. More importantly, it can also yield insights into your competitors’ organic content strategy, allowing you to focus on keywords and other areas that can help you optimize your own content. It all starts with researching into what is working for your competitors

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    White Label Competitor Analysis Reports

    Who are your organic competitors?
    The answer to this question can determine your success with natural search and organic keyword optimization because knowledge of an ever-changing competitive landscape in any business is crucial for success.

    Our Insight Reports offer you an instant understanding of direct competitors, revealing their strengths and weaknesses based on domains’ natural traffic as well as the number of organic keywords. These reports list domains that your website is competing against, showing you where your keywords are working and what you need to spend more time fixing. You can also track changes in competitors’ positions and compare them with your own, which shows whether your own organic search tactics are having the desired effect on your rankings. Our data is available for both desktop and mobile index and identifies specific keywords that have helped a particular domain enter the top 20 ranking.

    How Advertising Research helps
    Achieving maximum ROI from your PPC campaigns is easier when you can uncover your competitors’ ad strategies or budgets and compare this with what your own campaign looks like. Our reports furnish you with information on a competitor’s PPC marketing activities, keywords, budgets and profitable ad copies. It allows you to benefit from their experience and avoid their mistakes, saving you time and money in the process.

    Why Ad Copy and Keyword analysis helps
    Relevant keywords and information determine what your users will click on and, in turn, define the success of a campaign. What keywords work best for you, what call to action can motive users and how to combat competitor AdWords or Bing Ads are some of the advantages to be gained from our reports.

    Paid search and competitors
    Getting ahead of competitors is critical when it comes to something as brutally competitive as paid search, and knowing who they are is half the battle won. Our reports also show you how competitors are positioned, allowing you to develop an effective PPC strategy. They arm you with data related to the number of common keywords, competitors for a particular domain, rival ad spends and estimations on paid traffic, allowing you to focus only on true PPC rivals.

    Localized Ad campaigns
    Paid search behaviors differ from country to country, which matters when your business intends to profit from worldwide traffic. Tailoring your keywords and ad text to international searchers is important, which is why ads should be adapted geographically. This is easier when you have access to reports that analyze keywords and ad texts in over 100 countries, and in more than 20 languages, allowing you to choose what works in Europe or Asia as opposed to America.

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