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A lot of brands and businesses now rely on Digital PR to increase their online presence in a positive manner, by building relationships with key content creators. They also use it to gain more visibility with the help of high-quality backlinks, boosting keyword or page rankings and increasing credibility and brand awareness in the process. Digital PR has the power to increase your reach as well as visibility while making an impact on search engine rankings and referral traffic. If used effectively and wisely, it can be a very powerful SEO tool that increases your brand or product’s reliability, while boosting conversion rates and brand equity.

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    White Label Press Release Writing and Distribution Services

    How is Digital PR measured?

    Analytics helps examine the effectiveness of effective Digital PR, by measuring not just the hits to a site but gains in terms of referral traffic. Landing pages can be tracked, along with targeted keywords, to evaluate the success of your Digital PR strategy. It is also possible to correlate spikes in referral traffic with Digital PR hits while measuring increases in organic traffic and conversions triggered by specific keywords related to a particular campaign.

    Another aspect of good Digital PR is how it helps your site gain additional backlinks. URL shares, likes, and tweets can also be tracked to gauge the success of hits or social media content. Another measuring tool examines the number of high domain authorities linking to you or using relevant brand anchor text. This can be extremely helpful while measuring the success of a specific campaign.

    Digital PR is about directing your audience to relevant content with a boost from influencers, to convey information in a manner of your choosing. It helps you control conversations and gain visibility with desired audiences with the help of platforms that have high visibility among those audiences. While traditional PR focuses on circulation, readership, and viewer ratings to push content or boost awareness, Digital PR focuses on online influencers as well as domain authorities and non-paid opportunities for link citations.

    In other words, Digital PR is more measurable than traditional PR.

    The benefits of Digital PR

    Our Digital PR services provide brands and businesses immediate access to thousands of newspapers and magazines online, enabling you to push a release to top search engines as well as premium news sites. We also focus on industry news sites and syndicated sites, while contacting journalists and bloggers, RSS and News Widget feeds, influencers and sites offering high visibility. We help you focus on influencers via industry categories, offer quick turnaround times and can even push video content. Most importantly, we provide you with access to statistics and measuring tools that help you evaluate your campaign, along with reports and enhanced social media sharing tools.

    We offer comprehensive and reliable services of white label PPC. You can contact us at 800-430-0499.