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On-Page Optimization is one of the first steps a website takes towards SEO, in order to improve its search engine rankings. Simply put, your webpage needs the right kind of content and keywords if you want to capture the attention of users or potential customers online. This becomes more important when there are similar businesses or brands vying for the attention of the same audience.

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    White Label On Page Optimization Services

    Why On-Page Optimization Makes Good Business Sense

    Here is an interesting piece of information to consider: The presence of right keywords in your content can contribute to over 15 % of your search ranking, with your Anchor text contributing to 20%. What this means is Optimization that focuses on keyword-rich content, the correct use of Meta tags, shortened URLs and anchor text, can strongly influence your search engine listings.

    In a crowded marketplace, Optimization can make a tremendous difference to the number of users visiting your page and how they locate your business.

    How We Can Help With On-Page Optimization

    We always start with an in-depth analysis of your website, before coming up with On-Page Optimization Strategies designed to meet specific requirements. We work on improving page relevance for visitors, while ensuring compatibility with Google, Yahoo and Bing optimization guidelines.

    We then provide instructions on quick fixes for immediate results, and ensure all URLs are search engine friendly and keyword rich. The indexability of a page is analysed for optimum changes before it is crawled. Other factors such as repetition, duplicate content and keyword density are also addressed, after which we optimize ALT tags, H1 headlines and Header tags with the right keywords.

    The aim of the entire exercise is to make your webpage more user and search engine friendly. Finally, we create a thorough On-Page Optimization Report.

    Our On-Page Optimization Process

    The aim of an On-Page Optimization exercise is to bring in more traffic and meet user and search engine ranking goals:

    • URLs: Begin with a list of URLs identified for optimization.

    • Page Intent: Determine what the page is meant to do.
    • Keyword Research: Figure out which keywords that can best optimize the page.
    • Natural optimization: Edit or create new title tags, meta tags, URLS, Image Alt tags, internal links and H1s to fully optimize a page.
    • Generate report: Provide a detailed report of changes, recommendations and fixes.

    Optimization can make a world of difference to your search engine listings and dramatically improve your click through ratio.

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